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World of Battles (English)
Category Created
Thu, 30th Dec 2010
Last Article Update
Mon, 14th Jan 2013
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   World of Battles (English)

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[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Downloader stops at 100% and nothing happens 2473
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Installer crashes after downloading is complete 32679
Transfering account from Steam 1911
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Can't launch the Downloader 2408
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Downloader reports "Wrong directory" error after destination directory is chosen 2236
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Downloader can`t open destination file 2671
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Downloading speed is very slow 3887
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] Installer reports a "CRC error" during the installation 3248
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING]Failed to establish connection with World of Battles server\Unexpected error 4886
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] I have "ErrorAboutIE6" during the installation 2224
How to send DxDiag? 1967
[DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION] What should I do after pressing the "Download client!" button on the web site 2190
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] "No internet connection" in Updater 30934
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] Updater reports failure during the patching process 3779
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] "Can't find patch" message in Updater 2653
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] "Unpatchable version" message in Updater 3324
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] Updater crashes (C++ error) after patching 2306
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] Nothing happens after "Play" is pressed in Updater 2547
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] The game crashes after "Play" is pressed in Updater 2588
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] The game terminates with "Pixel Shader 2.x is not supported" message 2453
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] When entering the game it says "Please update to the latest version" 2273
[UPDATING & LAUNCHING] The game launches, but crashes in the tutorial/battle 2492
Cannot login (wrong password or account name) 2516
Not enough description of problem 2551
I have wisps, or yellow orange things instead of units 2507
How to send game logs to support 2560
Ingame Connection Issues 3818
My pc is strong but mouse lags in battle 2630
Steam: game crashes on launch 2328
Can't purchase Gems from Steam 2459
How to make a screenshot? 1698