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80 Days
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Thu, 30th Dec 2010
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Thu, 30th Dec 2010
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   80 Days

White screen in 80 Days 

We are very sorry but this game is not Intel graphics chipset compatible.
Intel, SIS and VIA/S3G integrated graphics chipset are not fully Microsoft DirectX compatibles.
Nvidia or ATI graphics card fully Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible is required to run 80 Days.
Please return the game to the retailer for a refund.
PS: The geforce Mx series, the radeon 7500 and the intel graphics chipset are not compatible with 80 days.

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List of videocards which are not supported by 80 Days 

All Intel, or S3 (Via) videocards are not supported and the game will not work.
There could be troubles with earlier ATI and GeForce cards and some of low end laptop videocards, which are not fully compatible with directx 9.
To launch the 80 day game you'll need Nvidia or ATI videocard, fully compatible with Microsoft DirectX 9.

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80 Days: Some quests are very hard to solve 

In case of setting them to "low" you could experience absence of some animations, hidden collision, texture disapearrance or other troubles. Some quests, like 'shooting potato', 'Shogun Castle' are recommended to get through on medium and high settings.

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