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Journey to the Center of the Earth
Category Created
Thu, 30th Dec 2010
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Mon, 31st Jan 2011
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   Journey to the Center of the Earth

Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde: No setup on game disk 

We are sorry about this, this is a replication mistake. The disk contents only game files with no install.

Anyway you can play the game. Please follow the steps:

  1. Open "My computer" then go to the disk C.
  2. Right-click on the free space in the disk window, select "New..." then "Folder".
  3. Type the name of new folder, for example "Journey".
  4. Open "My computer" again then go to the game CD
  5. Select entire game disk content by pressing Ctrl+A keys simultaneously then right-click on any selected element and click "Copy"
  6. Go to the created folder, right-click on the free space in it and select "Paste"
  7. After copying find game.exe file, right-click on it, select select "Send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)".
  8. Run the game by starting game.exe from the created folder or from shortcut on the desktop.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth: Can not read text in a game 

Updating your videocard drivers should help. If you ignore what is your video card adapter you can perform a dxdiag

What is a Dxdiag ?
DxDiag is a diagnostic tool that provides all technical info of your computer (as the name of your graphic card, space available on your hard drive or the version of the OS) No confidential info is given.

How to create a DxDiag ?

  1. Click on "Start" then "Run..." or press Win and R keys together.
  2. In the field Open, type the command DXDIAG then click OK.
  3. Wait till the program has finished to collect all data
  4. In the DxDiag window, click on the button Save All Information
  5. Choose the place where you wish to save it and click on Save
  6. Once the save done, you can close the DxDiag window and open the file DxDiag.txt

On your dxdiag you can find the name of your video card, look for "display devices" and "card name", once you have the name, you can go to manufacturer web site,,

Note that for Notebook and laptop, you have to go to the computer manufacturer web site to find the right drivers.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth: Some of the puzzles are missing. 

In newer version of Journey some puzzles have been removed. There are lots of customers feedback for this puzzles complexity, so we decided to remove them with latest releases.

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