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Fri, 7th Jan 2011
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Fri, 25th Feb 2011

   SH vs Arsene Lupin PhysX incompatibility


SH vs Arsene Lupin PhysX incompatibility, other SH games are working fine but this one not and has one compatibility problem


You can install\uninstall PhysX drivers at will, so you can try to uninstall current and install old ones from the disk, please let me know if you can get the game to work

one user wrote this below and some players confirmed it worked.

I have tried this on Windows 7 64bit but it's probably universally true.
This fix is specific for the people that when they try to run the game, they will get a short background screen of the game's loading background (holmes and watson with the mysterious figure in the middle) and then go back to windows without any explanations.

For further details go to "users>username>documents>games>sherlock holmes vs arsene lupin" and check the game.log
If it says physx sdk failed to initialize (or something along those lines) than this fix is for you.

If anyone looks around this forum the most obvious problems have resulted because of the Physx driver.

Now for everyone that updates his Nvidia video drivers after a certain date will NOT be able to run the game anymore (ironic no? since the solution is always update your video drivers).

Answer? The game is incompatible with the latest physx driver.

Now if you try to install the version recommended on this forum it won't allow you as the installer automatically cancels upon detecting a newer version of the driver.

So the solution.

Go to nvidia's site and download the latest physx driver (<--- however this may change in time).

The latest physx driver always let's you modify/repair/remove a driver installation. Chose "remove" driver.

Edit: Actually you might be able to go to control panel>programs and features and remove the Nvidia Physx driver from there.

Now download the compatible Physx driver. In this case:


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