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Mon, 4th Jul 2011

   The Mystery of the Mummy: I have crash when passing from level 2 to level 3


Hello, I have a crash in The Mystery of the Mummy game when completed the final puzzle of level 2 and passing to level 3. I'm running Win 7


Sorry for this issue, this can happen on some of computers running Windows 7. The issue is happened because of bad compatibility of ingame video and Win 7.
You can download save on level 3 start at

How to use it:
1. Download chosen save.
2. Extract archive to any folder on your hard drive.
3. Copy both files SlotX.sav and SlotX.tga where X is a save number.
4. Open the saves folder of the game located in C:\TMOTM\data
5. Paste your saves files there.
6. Restart the game, load the save, continue to play!

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