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Fri, 31st Dec 2010
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Fri, 17th Jun 2011

   cannot access hotspots for the second murder in Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper


Early in the investigation of the second murder (Annie Chapman), Holmes and Watson
are examining the body and crime scene, which is an area in the back yard of a
building.  I have checked out all of the clues in this area except two.  There is
blood on the fence next to the body, and there appears to be blood on the building
wall behind the open door.  The magnifying glass indicator is green for all other
locations in this scene except these two. 

I have attempted to click on the white magnifying glass to examine these two clues,
but every time I do so, the program instead jumps to the view of the victim.  See
the attached snapshots--they show the two views with the white (clear) magnifying
glass, and then they show the body view that results from clicking either of
them--the incorrect result for investigating those clues.  There is nothing in the
body view that I have not previously investigated.

I have tried from many different approaches, many of which don't even have the
victim visible, and it still happens.  I have tried going back to an earlier saved
version of the game prior to entering the crime scene, and the same thing happens. 

Wall blood clue.jpg (107 KB)

Clue near door.jpg (103.6 KB)

Body view.jpg (131.8 KB)



sorry about that, I believe this has to do with your resolution, try to change it 1024*768 for this part, see these topics with the same issue.

of course this has nothing to do with your computer specs or software

please let me know if you could solve it



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