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Thu, 22nd Nov 2012

   [Testament of Sherlock] How to change the video resolution and enable window mode


I want to change video resolution settings and enable window mode without running the game.


To do this you must open setup.ini config file with notepad and change the values as described below: Find your setup.ini with the steps: 1. Open any Windows Explorer window (Computer overview for example). 2. Paste into address bar %appdata%\frogwares and press Enter. 3. In the opened window find folder named with game title (The Testament of Sherlock Holmes), open it. 4. Your setup.ini file must be there. Open setup.ini with notepad: right click on the file and select in appeared menu "Open with" then "Notepad" or select "Open" and find Notepad in programs list. Write new value of horizontal resolution to res_width option and vertical resolution value to res_height Example: res_height = 1050 res_width = 1680 To enable window mode change value of windowMode option from NO to YES Save this file and then run the game.

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