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Mon, 14th Jan 2013

   How to send DxDiag?


How to send DxDiag?



Please send us your DxDiag:

What is a Dxdiag ?
DxDiag is a diagnostic tool that provides all technical info of your computer (as the name of your graphic card, space available on your hard drive or the version of the OS) No confidential info is given.

How to create a DxDiag ?
1. Click on Start then Run on XP if Vista or Win 7 go to step 2
2. In the field "Open" or "research" field on Vista or Win7, type the command DXDIAG then click OK.
3. Wait till the program finish to collect all data
4. In the DxDiag window, click on the button "Save All Information"
5. Choose the place where you wish to save it and click on "Save"
6. Once the save done, you can close the DxDiag window and open the file DxDiag.
7. Take the file (Dxdiag.txt), attach it to your email and send it to us.

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