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Sat, 4th Jun 2011
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Fri, 20th Jul 2012

   [UPDATING & LAUNCHING] Updater reports failure during the patching process


SYMPTOMS: While patching to the new version the Updater interrupts the process by reporting “Patch failed” error.


CAUSE: The patching was interrupted because of internet connection loss or because some the previous version's files were corrupted or modified - manually or by virus/Trojan application.

Please try to perform the actions below step-by-step until the issue is resolved. Try to relaunch the Updater after each step.

1) This error can ocure if you don't have enough free space on the drive, where you are trying to install the game. Please try to clean this drive as much as possible.

2) First of all just try to restart the Updater several times until it completes the patching process. This will help if failure was caused by internet connection loss. Try to remember the name of the file written on update progress bar just before failure is reported. If it's different every time then the problem is 100% caused by unstable internet connection.
<Contact your ISP to fix internet connection>

3) Uninstall the game, restart the machine and install the game again. This is going to help if the name of the file failed to be patched was always the same. If this helped and you didn't change files manually, then probably you have a virus/Trojan application on your machine which corrupted the game installed previously. In this case soon your are going to experience the same issue (but most likely you'll be able to patch at least before it happens). So try to get rid of dangerous software as soon as possible.
Contact us for recommendation:

4) Download the newest version of the game client installer from World of Battles official web site, uninstall the previous version, restart your machine and install the version recently downloaded.


You may try to download full client installation without using the official World of Battles Downloader using the following link:

Be aware that you shouldn't use default Internet Browser for downloading, because it might cause installation problems in future. Instead of it please use on of the free Download Managers

You can use Free Download Manager (free download)

Install & launch the Download Manager, then press ”+” sign in the upper left corner and add link to our game client file. Select folder you want to download & press “start”. Please wait till download finishes & launch the downloaded file.

5) You may try to disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7 / Vista for the period of downloading in order to stop Windows from permanently scanning and locking the patched files. Please note that disabling UAC will lower the security of your machine and personal data, so be careful while doing that and don't forget to switch UAC on after finishing the download.

You can read info about it on our forum:

6) You may try to lower the protection level of your antiviral software or even to disable it in order to prevent the patched files from being locked. Please note that disabling the antiviral software will lower the security of your machine and personal data, so be careful while doing that and don't forget to switch antivirus on after finishing the download.

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