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Fri, 11th May 2012
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Thu, 17th May 2012

   Can't purchase Gems from Steam


When I choose the amount of Gems I want to purchase, nothing happens.



Please make sure that you have the "Steam Community In-Game" option ON in the Steam settings as well as World of Battles settings in your Steam Library. Please follow the steps listed below:

1) Launch Steam and click with right mouse button on Steam icon in tray (bottom right corner) and then choose "Settings".
2) In the "Settings" window go to the "In-Game" tab and turn ON the "Enable Steam Community In-Game" setting.
3) Press OK so the settings to be saved.

Also enable this feature for the game itself:

1) Click with right mouse button on Steam icon in tray and choose "Library".
2) Click with right mouse button on World of Battles and then choose "Properties".
3) Enable the "Enable Steam Community In-Game" setting in the "General" tab.

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