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Thu, 10th May 2012

   [The Hound of Baskervilles] Game crashes after initial splash screens


I have a bug with Steam release of a game.
After the first screen with the frog, it crashes and got me back to my steam library with the note: The game S.H..Baskerville... has been stopped.


The issue you have is can happen because you launched older version of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound Baskervilles before. You need to remove outdated profile which is not compatible with newest version.
Please find your profile file with the steps:
1. Press "Start" then "Run.." or press Win and R keys together
2. In "Open.." dialog type %appdata% and press Enter
3. There is Explorer window is opened. Search for "Frogwares" folder in it and open this folder.
4. Search for your game title, open it. There must be subfolder called 'save' in tis folder.
5. Rename or remove this folder then try to launch the game again.

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